In an unknown land there exists a massive city, surrounding this city is a gargantuan wall constructed out of a mysterious, grey, concrete-like substance reaching into the clouds. All that is known about the inside of the wall is that there is a City. This City is known to occasionally banish inhabitants to the Outside, their memories of the City being almost entirely erased in the process. The City occasionally exchanges resources with the Outside—the Yonderlands scavengers being the City’s supplier of yonderweed and yonderwort, among other things. To the Northeast of the City lies a small portion of Old City. As the name implies, this is a part of the City that was cut off and left derelict when the wall was erected centuries ago. Here, cracked roads are crowded by old, tall buildings in which many of the inhabitants of the Outside have taken residence.

To the west of that lies a rocky, sparsely vegetated landscape inhabited by tribes of orcks. Orcks are bloated, mutated drug addicts cast out from society. These orcks live in shacks of sheet metal and wood, where they continue to produce the drugs that made them the way they are. The rivers and streams that flow through orckish territory are filled with fish deformed from chemical waste, a product of the drug production. .

To the east of the City is a vast expanse of tall golden grasses and stormy gray skies called the Steppe. The Steppe is interspersed with diverse villages, some nomadic and some settled. The Steppe is also home to roving groups of the massive Wildermenn, covered from head to toe in shaggy hair and horns, dressed in leather straps from which dented bells dangle. Another anomaly inhabits the Steppe, known only as Angelles. These Angelles are vaguely humanoid, wooden structures draped in rags and constructed of trash. They do not move when being looked at, seeming to teleport from location to location only when unobserved. The mages say they are the incarnations of 4th dimensional beings

To the southeast of the City there lies an area of muddy, rocky land consisting of burrows and pools surrounding a small lake. In and among them live the anthropods, a sexually dimorphic species of exoskeletoned humanoids. Only the females can be compared to humans, as the males are only a few centimeters big, closely resembling small crustaceans.

To the west of this wetland lies a much larger portion of Old City. This portion of the Old City is more populous and contains much taller buildings. To the west of this portion of Old City lies the thin strip that is the Visari Forest. The Visari are a species of highly diverse cloven humanoids covered in variously colored downy fur. a single hollow horn filled with beads adorns their heads. Some have lamblike morphologies, others are more insectoid, with other phenotypes even more strange in existence. The visari are scavengers of the Yonderlands that lay to the west of the forest. They gather the resources from dangerous Yonderlands and trade them to others both inside and outside the City. Just north of the visari forest is a barren, rocky, hilly wasteland containing old, derelict labs and factories now populated by anthrodroids, sentient robots created for reasons long forgotten.

To the north of the anthrodroid territory is the territory of the daemyr. Cloven humanoids with furry, digitigrade legs, strange tails, and horns on their heads. They can range from more satyr-like to more demonic in appearance. The daemyr live in feudal towns and are constantly at war with the anthrodroids.


Many centuries ago, a powerful order of mages cast a spell to replace the sun with a new, magical sun in the hopes of bringing immortality, peace, and order to the world. However, the spell failed, resulting in vast swathes of land being forever tainted by magic. These areas became known as the Yonderlands. The Yonderlands are dangerous patches of land warped by magic and inhospitable to normal life. The hazardous Yonderlands produce valuable magical artifacts, as well as cultivate unique species of magical flora and fauna. These magical lifeforms are used by the City and the Outsiders in many things from fuel to drugs to the creation of magical artifacts. Due to the near annihilation of all life on the planet caused by the mages’ creation of the new sun, another powerful collective of mages cast another massive spell in an attempt to fix what the other mages had done. This spell covered the planet in thick, near-permanent clouds to protect it from the new sun. These clouds drastically lowered the average temperature of the world and increased precipitation worldwide. Only occasionally do the clouds part to reveal cold blue skies and the vile imposter sun. These occasions can be dangerous and can result in unpredictable effects on the planet and its inhabitants, but allow for much more powerful spells to be cast and increase the potency of magesleep. However, cloudless days also result in the growth of the Yonderlands, causing them to spread anywhere from a few inches to a few meters.