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Galaminaflaxin is an addictive drug most often consumed via a nasal spray. Common effects of Galaminaflaxin include an extremely euphoric relaxed feeling, lethargy, dizziness, detachment from reality, minor auditory hallucinations such as faint voices and droning sounds, and visual hallucinations such as warped vision, unusually vivid colors, and shadows at the corners of one's vision.

Short-term side-effects of Galaminaflaxin include lethargy, itchiness, a burning sensation in the nose, throat, and/or mouth, dilated pupils, thirst, randomly falling unconscious, memory loss, and limp muscles. Effects of Galaminaflaxin withdrawal include extreme irritability, narcolepsy, muscle spasms, dry mouth, dissociation, confusion, and irregular heartbeat. the main component in Galaminaflaxin is the spores of the Galamalagregoria mushroom, which is a staple food source for the visari. The Visari have found a highly lucrative business in harvesting excess mushroom spores for sale and processing into Galaminaflaxin. Some visari colonies are more willing to share their spores with outsiders than others.

Galamalagregoria Mushroom

The fruiting body of the Galamalagregoria mushroom is a thick, mottled, off-white and blue-white cylinder with a frilly-ridged, flat, blue-white and off-white cap only slightly wider than the stem.