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Orcks are former humans or daemyr that have had their bodies altered due to overuse of the drug Galaminaflaxin, otherwise known as bugbreath. As with many drugs, use of Galaminaflaxin can cause tolerance buildup and addiction, resulting in users consuming large amounts. Late-stage Galaminaflaxin use can commonly cause various physical alterations such as "cartilage explosions," in which one's ears and nose become stretched, deformed, and flared out. Galaminaflaxin can also cause hair-loss as well as pale, hard fruiting bodies to grow through the user's skin, resulting in what appear to be horns of varying sizes and shapes all over the body. These fungal growths will also frequently grow in the mouth and protrude through the lips, looking like strange fangs. Galaminaflaxin overuse can also cause alterations in weight and even height, generally causing the user to gain weight and grow taller. Along with this, users' skin can turn varying shades of green, grey, blue, or yellow. Orcks also report increased strength and stamina. However, it is often at the expense of mental acuity.

Orcks are often found in The Box (an elevator-like structure in which those who have been banished from the City are found), leading many to speculate that Galaminaflaxin is used by Cityfolk and orckism is possibly grounds for banishment. Orcks are also commonly ostracized from Outside societies, leading them to congregate and live together in ramshackle tribes where they brew and use their own Galaminaflaxin

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